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Ryann had been asking for rides in the car for a long time, I had taken her up and down the road a few times but she couldn’t really see and the belts didn’t fit very we’ll, She is only 3 after all, So I came up with a plan of modifying a polystyrene kids booster seat to fit inside my race seat and to accommodate the 5 point harness,
I spent a bit of time looking up all the rules in regards to booster seats and children etc and all it really says is that a child of her age needs to be in an approved booster seat with a 5 point harness, we’ll that’s what I’ve got but the safety approved seat is slightly modified, but it is sitting inside a FIA approved race seat and belts that also has a roll cage around it, I think it’s pretty safe and has worked out well
I don’t think her head would able to hold up a helmet yet so we’ll just be cruising around for




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